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Aerospace companies face numerous challenges that hinder operations and drive up costs, especially around payments. Manual workflows, lack of oversight, inefficient legacy systems, and slow settlement times create major speed bumps across the space sector.


SpaceContract provides the solution - a smart contract platform purpose-built for the aerospace industry leveraging Hedera Hashgraph. We automate payments and processes to save costs, accelerate settlement, enhance transparency, and mitigate risks.


Why Hedera Hashgraph?

Hedera Hashgraph uses a novel asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism called the Hashgraph Algorithm, invented by Dr. Leemon Baird. It allows Hedera to achieve fast, fair, and secure consensus without the energy consumption issues of proof-of-work blockchains.

The network is governed by the Hedera Governing Council, a diverse group of leading global organizations across multiple industries. Council members run the initial nodes that manage and maintain the network. This provides stability and guarantees the platform will not fork into competing chains.

Additionally, Hedera makes KYC/AML compliance easier through features like identity certificates, key rotation, and configurable account/token freezing.

Identity certificates bind public keys to verified real-world identities. Accounts can be assigned required KYC levels to transact or create tokens.

Key rotation allows rolling over keys regularly to enhance security. Accounts and keys can be frozen instantly for sanctions screening or if suspicious activity is detected.

Hedera's Consensus Service natively tracks all account and token activity in a transparent immutable ledger. This allows auditing transactions for risk patterns.

Transaction memo fields can contain compliance-related metadata like purchase orders or customs documentation.

Hedera's native compliance tools enable SpaceContract to meet KYC/AML requirements out-of-the-box without complex additional software. We leverage Hedera's features to provide regulated payment automation services safely and securely across the space industry.


Hedera Hashgraph Performance Metrics

- Handles over 132 million transactions per day with 100% uptime

- Achieves consensus finality in under 4 seconds

- Consistently processes 10,000+ transactions per second 

- Remains the most used enterprise-grade public ledger 

- Uses 0.000003 kWh per transaction, carbon footprint 400x lower than proof-of-work blockchains

- Encrypted data, proven Byzantine fault tolerance, and asynchronous consensus provide institutional-grade security


This performance, efficiency, and security makes Hedera Hashgraph uniquely suited for mission-critical aerospace applications.


Pain Points in the Space Industry

The space sector faces numerous payment and transaction challenges that SpaceContract addresses through our smart contract solutions:


Slow Settlement Times

Traditional payment options like wire transfers, checks, and ACH can take days or even weeks to settle between aerospace companies. This leads to cash flow issues and high overhead from manual payment processes. 


Lack of Transparency & Oversight

Without transparent transaction logs and immutable records, space organizations open themselves up to errors, fraud, and auditing issues. Oversight is critical in the highly regulated aerospace industry.


High Payment Costs 

Traditional payment rails carry high fees that quickly add up with the high transaction volume in the manufacturing, logistics, and operations sides of the space industry.


Security & Compliance Risks

Sensitive aerospace payments require institutional-grade security, access controls, and compliance with financial regulations. 


Limited Micropayment Support

Emerging space industry use cases like data transfers, bandwidth leasing, and cloud services require efficient micropayments unsupportable through legacy systems.


Key Benefits of SpaceContract

SpaceContract solves these issues by building smart contract payment solutions on Hedera Hashgraph tailored for the space sector:


- Accelerates payment settlement from days to seconds

- Provides complete transparency through Hedera's immutable ledger 

- Reduces transaction fees up to 99% compared to traditional payments

- Ensures institutional-grade security for sensitive operations

- Enables high-volume micropayments unsupportable by legacy rails

- Automates payment workflows to reduce human errors and costs

- Offers trusted timestamping and record-keeping for audits and oversight

- Guarantees execution with Hedera's 100% uptime and resilience

- Simplifies compliance with financial regulations

- Provides access controls and limits to mitigate risks 


By addressing the specific needs of aerospace companies, SpaceContract unlocks major efficiency and cost advantages in the space industry.


Use Cases

SpaceContract is built for complete payment automation tailored to key space sector use cases:


Milestone Triggered Payment Processing

Smart contracts automate payments upon rocket launch success, payload delivery, satellite deployment, spacecraft orbit insertion, and other mission events. Multi-signature contracts give control to all stakeholders like manufacturers, launch providers, operators, and insurers. Escrow services guarantee payment is only released programmatically when predefined conditions are satisfied.


Automation eliminates slow manual invoices, purchase orders, and wire transfers that typically delay mission-critical payments. Settlement happens instantly when launch conditions are met, accelerating cash flows. All execution traces are immutably recorded on Hedera's ledger.


Supply Chain Tracking

SpaceContract streamlines payments and tracking across the aerospace manufacturing, inventory, and launch supply chain. Payments between material suppliers, storage facilities, transporters, launch pad operators, and other entities are automated via smart contracts. Inventory can be accounted for immutably from production to launch site, with payment releases along the way. 


Order fulfillment, delivery acknowledgment, and other events can automatically trigger instant settlement at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Hedera's consensus ordering provides undisputed visibility into the sequence of supply chain events.


Rapid Usage-driven Micropayments

SpaceContract enables ground station operators to seamlessly monetize bandwidth, storage, and other services provided to spacecraft operators. Micropayments deducted in real-time from operators' accounts automatically compensate ground networks. Usage-based billing eliminates burdensome manual processes.


All transactions are immutably logged to verify service delivery and prevent billing disputes. Hedera's scalability supports potentially millions of monthly micropayments at ground station networks across the globe without congestion.


Space Tourism Payment Automation

The nascent space tourism industry faces unique payment challenges. SpaceContract can provide solutions for tourism operators like Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX's Starship to automate ticket payments and refunds.

Smart contracts instantly lock in ticket payments, preventing losses from cancellations or no-shows. Contracts can automatically trigger refunds if flights are delayed or canceled due to weather or technical issues.

Real-time payment status is provided on the immutable Hedera ledger. This protects operators from chargebacks or fraud. Cryptocurrencies can also be seamlessly integrated as a payment option.

SpaceContract reduces operational headaches for passenger scheduling, providing the flexibility and automation needed for the future of space tourism.


Technical Architecture

SpaceContract builds layered modular smart contract systems on Hedera Hashgraph using the Hedera Token Service (HTS) and Hedera Consensus Service (HCS):

  • HTS tokens like USDC represent stable fiat currencies to maintain value while in escrow or transiting between organizations.

  • HCS state objects contain metadata like contract code, account balances, config details.

  • Custom oracle integrations with AWS Ground Station to ingest real-time data like orbit insertion confirmation to trigger automated smart contract execution and payments.

  • Keys are managed securely in Hedera's Key Management System.

  • Smart contract layer executes business logic like payment transfers.

  • Wallet integrations enable easy onboarding to the system.

  • APIs allow connecting client and enterprise systems.

  • React frontends provide intuitive web interfaces.

  • Golang backend API ensures fast processing on and off mainnet.

  • Modular design principles allow adapting the system easily.

By leveraging Hedera's ledger services, SpaceContract delivers an enterprise-grade payment automation system tailored for aerospace. We work closely with organizations for seamless integration into existing workflows.


SpaceContract provides the space industry with purpose-built payment automation solutions to unlock major efficiency and cost gains leveraging Hedera Hashgraph's innovative distributed ledger technology. By addressing common pain points like slow settlement times, lack of transparency, high costs, security risks, and limited micropayment support, SpaceContract helps aerospace companies simplify transactions, reduce costs, accelerate payment speed, mitigate risks, and enhance oversight. With heightened performance and reliability compared to existing options, SpaceContract is the go-to payment platform tailored for the space sector's needs both today and tomorrow.

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